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Summary of NYATA’s Town Hall Meeting on April 1st

First and foremost I would like to thank everyone who came to NYATA’s Town Hall Meeting on Saturday April 1st at Pratt University. As a group we were able to explore important topics that are affecting our LCAT License today. It is very important to me and the entire NYATA board to hear the membership’s thoughts and opinions on the topics that are most important to you.

We were able to discuss many topics ranging from the difficulties of obtaining our CE Contact hours for the LCAT, to changes with our NPI number as well as, legislative and advocacy issues.

As a result of this meeting NYATA is currently putting together helpful talking points to utilize when contacting your local legislatures and senators to address certain bills that will affect our license. In addition, NYATA will provide easy steps to assist you with possible changes to your NPI number.

The group addressed how NYATA can help LCATs earn CE Contact hours.  NYATA has begun to sponsor local educational programs that may have not yet received their approved provider status; most recently the College of New Rochelle.  NYU and Pratt Universities are also hosting conference events that NYATA will be sponsoring in the near future.  These events will provide NY STATE approved contact hours because of NYATA’s sponsorship and NYATA welcomes other educational and institutional Art Therapy Programs facing similar challenges to reach out for assistance.  In addition, NYATA is putting together easy templates to help Universities and Institutions apply to become an approved  LCAT CE provider.

NYATA is planning to host additional town hall meetings to enable members and board members to share their views and exchange ideas on how to keep this organization and our field moving forward.

Please feel free to visit the NYATA website for a more in depth look the above mentioned information. Other resources found through the NYATA Website include student and professional scholarship opportunities to apply for grant money, earn CE contact hours online; a new feature provided by the New York Art Therapy Association.

The New York Art Therapy Association is a not-for-profit, non-partisan professional and educational organization dedicated to the growth and development of the art therapy profession.  We pursue the advancement and advocate for the expansion of not only the field but also the access to professional art therapists. The mission of the association is to serve its members and the general public by encouraging the highest quality of art therapy services to the public, facilitating communication among members, support legislative efforts at the state and federal level, and to disseminate information to the general public and art therapists

 Purpose of the NYATA Chapter :

  1. providing educational opportunities, within the field of art therapy for members of the general public as well as art therapy professionals

  2. the promotion of public awareness of the field of art therapy

  3. he progressive development of the therapeutic use of art

  4. the advancement of research and standards of clinical practice

  5. provide the appropriate vehicles for the exchange of information with colleagues and the general public; according to the provisions of AATA.

  6. the awarding of scholarships and awards

  7. the facilitation of the therapeutic use of art in institutional and private practice settings.

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