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Message from the NYATA Board regarding current political issues

As members of the Executive Board of the New York Art Therapy Association as well as members of our collective art therapy community we would like to reach out regarding the importance of this very important topic.

We have read many of the comments and concerns regarding the delicate political issues we are facing in the present and fully understand the importance of our stance and gravity of our words and support, or lack thereof, in the moment. I think we can all agree protecting our clients and adhering to the ethical standards of our profession are always in the forefront of an art therapist’s intentions, no matter their personal political views.

The New York Art Therapy Association Board feels it is imperative to hear the voice of our membership on such matters, as maintaining the voice of our membership community is paramount to the organization.

We agree a formal statement should go out on the topic; we plan to confer with our chapter’s Ethical Chair to insure we are focusing on promoting best-practice, and that important, accurate information is going out to the public and media in this very public time. Therefore we will also be setting up a forum to discuss this topic in the near future.

Although supporting political agendas is not the main role of this community, making sure accurate neutral, valuable information about our profession and those we serve is of the greatest importance.

We look forward to seeing members of the NYATA community at our town hall meeting. Details to follow.

Sincerely, NYATA

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