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Happy Creative Arts Therapy Week!!


WBAI Talk Back : Positive Mind Host Kevin O’donaghue ,with NYATA president Marianne Gunther, host a series of interviews with creative art therapists to discuss the how, what and the powerful healing impact of art therapy.

This Weds, 3/13/19  at 4:00 pm tune into radio station to WBAI 99.5 or find us on the web: www.wbai.orgto hear Lena Friedman and Dr. Helena Hansen talk about  Film making in Creative Arts Therapy: Video Stories in Recovery.  

Then next Weds, 3/20 tune in to hear Lesley Achitoff, discuss Art Therapy on Riker’s Island.

If you missed it, you can also listen to last week’s show  “Art Therapy and Pedagogy” with Yasmine Awais & Britton Williams: Art Therapy And Pedagogy 

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