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Call for Nominations for the Pam Clark Distinguished Service Award and the NYATA Honorary Life Membe

NYATA is putting out a call for nominations for two special NYATA awards that have been given to outstanding NYATA members in the past. 

The Honorary Life Member award is to be awarded to a NYATA member who has been an inspiration to the membership and organization. The NYATA Board looks for members of the organization who have made a difference in the field of art therapy or made a positive impact on the art therapy community in some way. 

The Pam Clark Distinguished Service Award is awarded to someone who went above and beyond in their devotion and dedication to the organization. Pam Clark was the first recipient of this award which she received posthumously. She was an art therapist and beloved NYATA board member who made a difference in the field of art therapy as well as a lasting impact on NYATA in the 1980’s.  The NYATA Board considers nominees, for this particular honor, who have contributed to the organization in a special way.

Please nominate a current member of NYATA for these awards. This does not require you to get permission to nominate the member since these awards are not NYATA positions. 

You can e-mail your nominations to: by April 19, 2017.  

Please identify the nominee’s name, a brief summary of why you feel they deserve the honor and be specific in identifying which award you are nominating the individual for. The awards presentation will take place in May.  Further details to be announced. Recipients will be notified prior to the event so they may invite their family and friends.

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