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Sat, Jun 25



The Healing Journey of Spiritual Autobiography Live, Online, Experiential, and Interactive Training

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Time & Location

Jun 25, 2022, 1:00 PM – 5:30 PM

About the event

16 CEUs approved by New Mexico Counseling and Therapy Practice Board and New Mexico Social Work Board of Examiners 


In this experiential, live, online training, participants will practice and refine use of techniques that focus client’s responses to such questions as: Who am I? Why am I here? What is the story I have been creating all of my life but not yet written? Using these techniques to guide a client in writing a spiritual autobiography, therapists can help motivate clients to: (1) Identify new perspectives and release old scripts; (2) Amplify self awareness of previously unacknowledged insights emerging through the creative review of the client’s history of life experiences, and (3) Deepen inner resources.  Focused on collaborative, parallel learning processes, participants will engage in multiple, role-playing scenarios. 

To develop participants’ therapeutic skills: (1) ‘Therapists’ in this role-playing work will focus on the needs of a variety of ‘clients’, and (2) Participants in the role of ‘client’ will develop empathy for the client’s experience of writing a spiritual autobiography. Participants will use concomitant image-making, written self reflections, self mirroring, collective witnessing, and large and small group discussions to deepen therapeutic facility with this approach. We will also highlight applications of this approach to aspects of our clients’ lives other than spiritual development, for example: Job history and relationship to money; health history and relationship to physical self care; generational child-parent relationships; history of social relationships (friendship and/or romantic), etc..  Related interdisciplinary research and literature will be referenced, including such topics as addictions; the role of childhood spiritual development on adolescent pregnancies, depression, suicide; infant development regarding the use of mirroring and self-mirroring within therapeutic relationship; the role of creative self expression in healing from past trauma.  


1. Participants will identify three therapeutic techniques that can facilitate the deepening self awareness of a client writing a spiritual biography. 

2. Participants will give three examples of personal insights gained as ‘client’ in roleplaying and describe the relevance of such insights to clients’ use of spiritual autobiography. 

3. Participants will define the term “mirroring” and relate it to both infant development and a client’s potentially healing experiences within the therapeutic relationship in which mirroring and self mirroring are used. 

4. Participants will give an example from their experience within role-playing, in which the self mirroring of a ‘client’ provided ‘therapeutic benefit’. 

5. Participants will describe the concept and provide experiential examples of the motivational potentials of a client’s writing a spiritual autobiography. 

6. Participants will provide an example from training experientials in which art-making led to unexpected insights into ‘client’ needs and/or contributed to expansion of ‘client’ perspectives. 

7. From the research literature, participants will describe the potential relationship between healthy childhood spiritual development and its reduction of later adolescent pregnancies, depression, and suicide.




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